In 1877, nearly 12,000 spectators attended the first test match between Australia and England, played 143 years ago.

England and Australia played their first Test 143 years ago.

Though T20 cricket is the most popular format of cricket at the moment thanks to its quickness, the big hits and the euphoria it brings, the Test format is, for the most part, the most romantic. In the course of a long project, tests test a team’s patience, perseverance, and consistency. Six-day matches were played in the past, and now five-day matches are played. It has even been suggested to reduce it to four days in order to capture the attention of millennials.

Australian Charles Bannerman

It is believed that the very first Test was played on March 15, 1877, at the storied Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) between teams from England and Australia. With an Australian victory of 45 runs, the contest was completed on 19 March. England levelled the series in the second Test. The Ashes, with the competition beginning in 1882, became the name of this rivalry between England and Australia.

Australian Charles Bannerman produced the first run in a Test when he scored a single to begin the match at 1:05. With an injured index finger, he was dismissed for four runs in the second innings. Despite being the dominant figure in the game in the first innings, he scored 165 runs in the second.

With England scoring 196 in the first and 45 runs short of victory, they scored 108 to lose by 45 runs. Australia scored 245 and 104 in each innings, while England scored 196 in the first. Nearly 12,000 people attended this match.

There are past contests between USA and Canada, however, that did not qualify as a Test match.

One of the pinnacles of cricket is the test match. Playing a five-day test where you need to control sessions and survive tricky phases is what makes it intriguing.

During Test matches, fans have witnessed some of the greatest cricketing moments. Today’s match format evolved after centuries of development over the years.

In the first Test match in cricket history, Australia and England met more than 140 years ago.