Test cricket records don’t get talked about often, but some are surprising. Here are some other records that will shock and surprise you. Did you know that the greatest win in Test Cricket was by England against Australia by an innings and 579 runs on the oval ground on 20 Aug 1938? That’s a lot. Or that Donald George Bradman holds the record for most runs scored in a series, with 974 runs across five matches.

Here you know about some of the best test cricket records. There are some surprises about who has been the best batsman or bowler of all time. Here you also know who holds the highest wicket-taker and run-scorer in one inning of test cricket and who has scored the most centuries in test cricket.

Batting Records In Test Cricket

Batting Records

Many nations have been playing test cricket for years. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is the highest run-scorer in Test cricket of all time. The world’s greatest batsman scored 15921 runs in 200 Test matches.

The second-highest run-scorer in Test cricket is an Australian cricketer called Ricky Pointing. He played 187 matches and scored 13378 runs. Jacques Kallis is a South African player and the third-highest run-scorer in test cricket of all time. He played 166 matches and scored a total of 13289 runs.

Bowling Records In Test Cricket

Bowling Records

There are many great bowlers in the test cricket world. According to the stats and records, M M M Muralitharan is one of the best bowlers. He played 133 matches and took 800 wickets. Shane Warne is an Australian spinner, and he took 708 test wickets in 145 matches.

James Anderson is the third-highest wicket-taker in the history of test cricket. He is playing for the England team, who had a very good career with the ball and in his test Bowling career, he played 169 test matches and took 619 wickets till now.

Highest Wicket Taker In One Inning

Many records have been of the highest wicket-takers in Test cricket. Jim Laker, the English Fast bowler, is the first highest wicket-taker in one test innings of all time. He is taking all ten wickets in the match of England versus Australia in the Old Trafford ground at 1956.

 And after that, in 1999, Anil Kumble, who played for the Indian cricket team, took all ten wickets in the match of India versus Pakistan in the Arjun Jaitley Stadium. Finally, at the end of 2021, Ajaz Patel, the finest spinner of the current time, took all ten-wicket wickets in one inning against India at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

Top Three Highest Individual Run Scorer In Test Cricket

The highest individual test score of all time is Brian Charles Lara, a player of the West Indies cricket team, and he scored 400 runs in an inning of test cricket that is still a record. He scored 400 runs with the help of 43 boundaries and four sixes. He was playing against England at the Antigua Recreation Ground on Apr 2004.

The second-highest individual score is 380 by Mathew Hayden, the finest batsman of the Australian cricket team against Zimbabwe at the Perth cricket ground. The third highest individual run scorer was also Brian Lara against the same team, England, at the same stadium Antigua Recreation Ground on Apr 1994.

Most Centuries In Test Cricket

Most Centuries In Test Cricket

The most test centuries in test cricket of all time is 51 by Sachin Tendulkar. He played for India, and he played his last match against West Indies at the Wankhede cricket stadium, Mumbai, on 14 Nov 2013. And his high score in test cricket is 248. So he is at the top of the list in most centuries in test cricket.

The second most time century scorer is Jacque Kallis, and he scored 45 century in his Test cricket career. In the third position, former Australian cricketer Ricky Pointing scored 41 centuries at the end of his test cricket career.

Some Other Test Cricket Records

There are many other test cricket records that many cricket enthusiasts do not know about, including most ducks’ highest run-scorer team in an inning. Many test players never scored any runs in an inning of test cricket. The former West Indies cricketer CA Walsh holds the most ducks in test cricket, 43.

The highest run-scorer by a team is 952 runs scored by Sri Lanka against India at the Colombo ground. RE Foster was the first player in the history of test cricket who scored a double century in his debut match. And Devon Conway is the last cricketer who scored 200 runs in their debut match.